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Welcome to Thomas Sbampato’s webpage

Adventure stories about the North of North America

In the last 15 years, the swiss photographer and book author Thomas Sbampato has specialised in revealing adventure- and nature stories about Canada and Alaska. He is focused on the coexistence of people and nature, the interface of habitats such as civilisation and wilderness. Sustainable stories and a straightforward imagery characterizing his articles, speeches and books.

Thomas Sbampato at work.

Since 2009, in more than 700 readings in schools, over 30'000 children and adults have followed the stories out of Sbampato’s book about the Polar-, Brown-, and Blackbears, where Thomas Sbampato raises awarness  for the acceptance and the habitat conservation  of our biggest terrestrial carnivores on earth.

In March 2015 his new children and youth fact book about the Zoo has been published through the Haupt publisher in Bern Switzerland. It is a multimedia book with integrated videos, that reveals the latest secrets of modern Zoos. It is also a great book for adults, who want to see behind the facade of a Zoo. 

Thomas Sbampato’s pictures have won various international awards, such as BBC in London 2005, the worlds most prestigious competition in nature photograpy. 

Thomas Sbampato is a member of the GDT (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen) and a board member of GBV (Gesellschaft für Bild und Vortrag) 

More information about the readings, books, shows and when and where is only available in the german section of this website.